The Mysterious Tree Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu

Distributed by :Paramount Pictures (Select territories) Summit Entertainment (International) Production companies Mandalay Pictures Scott Rudin Productions American Zoetrope Tim Burton Productions
Directed by :Tim Burton
Screenplay by :Andrew Kevin Walker Story by Kevin Yagher Andrew Kevin Walker Based on “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow ” by Washington Irving
Produced by :Scott Rudin Adam Schroeder Larry Franco Starring Johnny Depp Christina Ricci Miranda Richardson Michael Gambon Casper Van Dien Jeffrey Jones Cinematography Emmanuel Lubezki
Edited by :Chris Lebenzon
Music by :Danny Elfman Synopsis In 1799, Initially concluding that Katrina controls the Horseman, Ichabod discovers that the diagram she drew beneath his bed and in the church during the meeting, which he believed summoned the Horseman, is really one of protection, and additionally finds that a wound on “Lady Van Tassel’s” decapitated body was caused post-mortem. Lady Van Tassel, alive and well, emerges from the shadows and reveals herself to Katrina as the master of the Horseman. She faked her death and used the planted headless body of the Van Tassel’s servant girl, Sarah, whom she had killed previously. She takes Katrina to a local windmill and explains her true heritage. She and her twin sister were members of the impoverished Archer family who were evicted years ago by Peter Van Garrett, when he favored Baltus and his family instead. She swore revenge against Van Garrett and all who had wronged her family, pledging herself to Satan if he would raise the Horseman to avenge her by killing them, which would also allow her to claim the Van Garrett and Van Tassel estates uncontested. Manipulating her way into the Van Tassel household, she used fear, blackmail, and lust to manipulate the other elsewhere into her plot. Having eliminated all other heirs and witnesses, as well as her sister – the crone witch – for aiding Ichabod, she summons the Horseman to finish Katrina. Ichabod and Masbath rush to the windmill as the Horseman arrives. After an escape that destroys the windmill and a subsequent chase to the Tree of the Dead, Ichabod retrieves the Horseman’s skull from Lady Van Tassel and returns it to him, breaking the curse, and setting the Horseman free from Lady Van Tassel’s control. With his head restored, the Horseman spares Katrina and instead abducts Lady Van Tassel, giving her a bloody kiss and returning to Hell via the Tree of the Dead with her in tow, fulfilling her end of the ‘deal’. With the case solved, Ichabod returns to New York City with Katrina and Young Masbath, just in time for the new century. .


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