The Lost City Of Gold Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu

Distributed by :Cannon Film Distributors
Directed by :Gary Nelson
Screenplay by :Gene Quintano Lee Reynolds
Produced by :Yoram Globus Menahem Golan Starring Richard Chamberlain Sharon Stone James Earl Jones Henry Silva Robert Donner Cinematography Frederick Elmes Alex Phillips
Edited by :Gary Griffen Alain Jakubowicz Dan Loewenthal
Music by :Michael Linn

Details After surviving their expedition to King Solomon’s Mines, Allan Quatermain and Jesse have settled down in colonial Africa. They are engaged to be married and Jesse plans that they will travel to America for the wedding. But Allan is restless. A man chased by two strange masked men emerges from the jungle, and is recognized as one of Quatermain’s friends. He is delirious and is cared for by Jesse and Allan, but at night, his pursuers return and kill him. Before he dies, he tells Allan that his brother, supposedly lost, is alive, and that they have found the legendary ‘Lost City of Gold’. Quatermain immediately starts preparing for an expedition to find his lost brother. Jesse is furious and stalks off, but then realizes how important this is to Allan. Allan and Jesse are assisted by Umslopogaas, a fearless warrior and old friend of Allan’s, to put together an expedition. Swarma, a spiritual guru, and five Askari warriors, accompany them. The group crosses a desert and reaches the Walls of Japora; two Askari are lost when Swarma trips a booby trap that opens a pit under the road to the city. Another member of the party is lost when savage Eshowe warriors attack the group. Many spears are thrown at Quatermain and his friends, but Umslopogaas deflects most of them with his giant axe. The remaining askaris are lost in a subterranean river. Quatermain and his friends indeed discover the city. The inhabitants, both black and white, are friendly, and Allan meets his brother Robeson, seemingly in good health and at peace in the society. The city has two queens — the noble and beloved, Nyleptha and her power-hungry sister, Sorais. But the real leader is the evil High Priest, Agon, feared by all. Allan raises the population against Agon and Sorais, who musters an army to recover the city by force. Allan realizes that they can make all the weapons they need out of gold, which is mined by the population. The final battle ends when, atop the temple, during a lightning storm, Allan uses Umslopogaas’ ax to channel the lightning and melt the gold, causing it to flow off the side of the structure and pour over the attacking horde, turning Agon and his army into gold statues. .


  1. कबाड़ा movie explaine करता है कोई अछि movie का कर फालतू movie h सब की सब पहले तो अछि movie explaine की थी

  2. یار تم پاگل ہو یا ہمیں بنا رہے ہو، پہلے سے بنی وڈیوز نئے تمبنیل یا سٹوری کے ساتھ دوبارہ وہی فلم دکھائی جا رہے ہو کتنے عرصے سے

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