I Am Mother Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu

Distributed by :Netflix (select markets) Production companies Penguin Empire Southern Light Films Mister Smith Entertainment Endeavor Content
Directed by :Grant Sputore
Screenplay by :Michael Lloyd Green Story by Michael Lloyd Green Grant Sputore
Produced by :Timothy White Kelvin Munro Starring Clara Rugaard Rose Byrne Hilary Swank Cinematography Steve Annis
Edited by :Sean Lahiff
Music by :Dan Luscombe Antony Partos Synopsis After an extinction event, an automated bunker that is designed to repopulate humanity activates. A robot named Mother grows a human embryo and cares for her over several years. About 38 years later,[3] a teenage girl named Daughter fixes Mother’s hand. Mother teaches Daughter complex moral and ethical lessons, warning her about an upcoming exam. Mother forbids any contact with the world outside the bunker, telling Daughter that it is contaminated, but Daughter remains curious. While exploring the bunker’s airlock, Daughter hears a wounded woman beg for assistance outside. She lets the stranger enter wearing a hazmat suit and hides her from Mother. When Daughter asks the stranger about the contamination, the stranger responds that there is none. A struggle between them over the stranger’s pistol attracts attention from Mother, who disarms the stranger and, at Daughter’s pleading, takes her to the infirmary. The stranger refuses Mother’s help, telling Daughter that robots like Mother hunt down humans, and that she survived by hiding with others in a mine. Daughter instead performs surgery on the stranger’s injured hip. After watching Daughter bond with the stranger, Mother administers the exam, which involves psychological testing. Daughter passes the exam, and Mother rewards her by letting her choose an embryo to grow. Finding no future for herself outside, Daughter returns to the bunker. After coaxing Daughter to set down her weapon, Mother allows Daughter to hold her newborn brother. Mother explains that she is not a robot, but rather the AI ​​that controls all of the robots. She started the extinction event after becoming convinced that humanity would destroy itself. To prevent this, she remade humanity, guiding it to be more ethical and to value the big picture. Daughter appeals to Mother to trust her and let her raise her brother and the rest of the embryos on her own. Mother agrees, and Daughter shoots her robot body. Mother tracks down the stranger and tells her that she was allowed to live only because it served Mother’s agenda, but now she has no further purpose. At the bunker, Daughter looks at all the embryos she is now responsible for and realizes she is Mother now. .


  1. સુપર આવુ અત્યારે માણસો સમજવું જોઈએ જે પૃથ્વી ને બગાડી રહયા છે જંગ ના હથિયારો બનાવી જે પૃથ્વી ને ખતમ કરી રહ્યા છે ભગવાન જલ્દી અવતાર લે તો સારું

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