2020 Oscar Winning Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu

Distributed by :CJ Entertainment Production company Barunson E&A Hangul 기생충 Revised Romanization Gisaengchung McCune–Reischauer Kisaengch’ung
Directed by :Bong Joon-ho
Screenplay by :Bong Joon-ho Han Jin-won Story by Bong Joon-ho
Produced by :Kwak Sin-ae Moon Yang -kwon Bong Joon-ho Jang Young-hwan Cinematography Hong Kyung-pyo
Edited by :Yang Jin-mo
Music by :Jung Jae-il

Details The Kim family live in a semi-basement flat (banjiha) in Seoul, have low-income jobs, and struggle for money. Min-hyuk, a university student, gives the family a scholar’s rock meant to promise wealth. Leaving to study abroad, he suggests that the Kim’s son, Ki-woo, pose as a university student to take over his job as an English language tutor for Da-hye, the daughter of the rich Park family. After his sister Ki-jung helps create a false certificate for him in Photoshop, Ki-woo, posing as a Yonsei University student, is subsequently hired by the Park family. The Kim family schemes to get each member a job with the Park family. The Kim daughter, Ki-jung, poses as “Jessica” and, using Ki-woo as a reference, becomes an art therapist to the Parks’ young son, Da-song. Ki-jung frames Yoon, Mr Park’s driver, by making it appear he had a sexual encounter in the car, then recommends her father, Ki-taek, to replace him. The Kims exploit the peach allergy of the Parks’ long-time housekeeper, Moon-gwang, to convince Mrs Park that she has tuberculosis, and the Kim mother, Chung-sook, is hired to replace her. Ki-woo begins a secret romantic relationship with Da-hye. When the Parks leave on a camping trip, the Kims revel in the luxuries of the house. Moon-gwang appears at the door, telling Chung-sook she left something in the basement. She enters a hidden entrance to an underground bunker created by the architect and previous homeowner. There, Moon-gwang’s husband, Geun-sae, has been secretly living for over four years, hiding from loan sharks. Chung-sook refuses Moon-gwang’s pleas to help Geun-sae remain in the bunker, but the eavesdropping Kims accidentally reveal themselves. Moon-gwang films them on her phone and threatens to expose their ruse to the Park family. The Parks call to tell them they’ll be returning early, due to a severe rainstorm flooding the camping area, and that they need Chung-sook to make a bowl of ram-don to cheer Da-song up. The Kims scramble to clean up the home and subdue Moon-gwang and Geun-sae before the Parks arrive. They trap Geun-sae and Moon-gwang in the bunker. Mrs Park reveals to Chung-sook that Da-song had a seizure-inducing traumatic experience on a previous birthday, when he saw a “ghost” — actually Geun-sae — emerging from the basement at night. Ki-jung, Ki-taek and Ki-woo hide under a table within earshot of Mr and Mrs Park, who have sex on the sofa nearby. They overhear Mr Park’s comments about Ki-taek’s odour. The Kims escape and find their flat flooded with sewer water following the rainstorm, and shelter in a gymnasium with other displaced people. The next day, Mrs Park hosts a house party for Da-song’s birthday with the Kim family’s assistance. Ki-woo enters the bunker with the scholar’s rock to find Geun-sae. Finding Moon-gwang has died from a concussion she received during the brawl, he is attacked by a deranged Geun-sae. He bludgeons his head with the scholars rock and escapes, leaving Ki-woo lying in a pool of blood at the entrance to the basement. Seeking to avenge Moon-gwang, Geun-sae stabs Ki-jung with a kitchen knife in front of the horrified guests. Da-song suffers another traumatic seizure upon seeing Geun-sae, and a struggle breaks out until Chung-sook fatally impales Geun-sae with a barbecue skewer. Weeks later, Ki-woo is recovering from a brain operation. He and Chung-sook are convicted of fraud and put on probation. Ki-jung has died from her injuries, and Ki-taek, wanted by the authorities, cannot be found. Geun-sae is assumed to be an insane homeless man, and neither his nor Ki-taek’s motive for the murders are known. Ki-woo spies on the Parks’ home, now occupied by a German family unaware of its history, and sees a message in Morse code from a flickering light. Ki-taek, who escaped into the bunker, has buried Moon-gwang in the garden and sends the message every day, hoping Ki-woo will see it. Still living in their basement flat with his mother, Ki-woo writes a letter to Ki-taek, vowing to earn enough money to purchase the house and reunite with his dad. .


  1. ये कहानी कश्मीरी पंडित और उनके मुस्लिम नौकरों जैसी है। जहा आखिर में वो बेटी का रेप करके घर को हड़प लेते है।

  2. Jindagi mein apne dam par aage badho kisi ko dhoka de kar nahi aisa insan jo dusro ko dhokha de kar kuch ban jata to hain lekin andar ka insan last time tak hamra aukat hmein dikhta rahega or vo apne aap par kabi fakar nahi kar payega sab kuch pane kay baad bhi tumhe ye aavaj aayega andar se ki main 1 dhokaybaaj hun

  3. Hii,
    My friend I am listening your movie explanation from 2019 to till and I like HER movie explanation most but you remove that video, so I kindly request you to explain her movie

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